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"Where Training Matters"



It is crucial that our athletes are engaged in the process of learning.

We teach all of our athletes about  the importance of having a growth mindset and that their ability to learn and change is the most critical thing to their success on the court. We encourage critical thinking and want our athletes to ask why. Understanding the why will help athletes understand the what and how. Our athletes are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes at practice. An athlete can’t make positive change and improve without making mistakes and having the freedom to try something new and different. Our coaches create an environment that supports this key aspect of learning.


EPA strongly emphasizes individual technical skills training and development. For an athlete to reach their maximum potential, it is important that they are technically sound in their fundamental skills. For example, we feel it is essential to break down skills like the arm swing and passing technique and teach our players the most efficient biomechanics of each aspect of the game. All of our coaches are well versed in volleyball-specific motor learning principles. While we of course want our teams to be successful and compete at a high level, we are very committed to developing the talents of each athlete at EPA.


Elite Performance Academy volleyball athletes are the complete player.

All athletes learn every volleyball skill at practice, not just those that are specific to their current position. As a young volleyball athlete you never know what position you will end up playing in high school or college. The more well rounded and adept at different positions and skills you are the more versatile and valuable you will be to any team. An athlete at any position may have to step in and set a ball to a teammate at a crucial point in a match and we want all of our athletes to be able do so with confidence and skill. All of our teams train and compete on a high level. Additionally you will be showcased among the colleges all over.


A1 and A2 Goals (club season)


EPA would like 2 Elite teams per age group which allows us to focus our organizational abilities and maintain our attention to detail, providing the highest quality club volleyball experience possible. EPA can then ensure that every team has extraordinary coaches. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding group of coaches upon whom our athletes can rely on for instruction, guidance, and support. Elite Performance Academy club teams are formed with the goal of creating nationally competitive
teams at every age group and work throughout the season to qualify for the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. We expect a high level of commitment from everyone involved with EPA and seek athletes who want to put in the time and work necessary to be the best volleyball player they can be. Our Directors and Coaches share that commitment and work tirelessly to build highly successful teams and athletes.